My Superpower Is Helping You Analyse And Then Fix Whatever Is Stopping You From The Relationship Of Your Dreams,

So You Can Stop Being Single And Start Living A Life Of Love, Connection And Fun! 

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Coaching and Mentoring Program

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Get Into An Amazing Relationship With A Fantastic Woman In Record Time 

How it works: 

In my unique program, you get high-level strategy and clear, customized action steps to fix your love life from the inside out. You also get to experience a unique form of mindshift that uses techniques from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics 😵


You’ll know exactly what to focus on each week so the process is as quick as humanly possible! 


All coaching is 1:1. That’s my personal, undivided attention for pre-planned 15-minute sessions over the course of the programs, plus 1-hour sessions where we do the deeper, transofrmational work.


We start by planning a schedule that works for you, in your diary, to ensure your transformation over our time together.


We’ll tackle everything from force field to resonance to generating a lot of quality women in your life, to the secrets of how women think, and much more.


You also get the accountability from me personally, to help you on the way to your ultimate relationship goal.

This is such a key part of the process which I learnt the hard way – without this, my clients would often not finish the program – and not achieve their goals. WITH it, results are phenomenal.


I'm Veronica Haupt

I Help My clients Analyse And Then Fix Whatever Is Stopping them From The Relationship Of their Dreams, So they Can STOP Being Single And START Living A Life Of Love, Connection And Fun

Together we will:

  • Literally start to change your Force Field – the electromagnetic frequency field that surrounds you and is causing you to ‘get what you’ve always got’

  • Generate an abundance of women to date – women who are authentic and wanting what you want 

  • Explode your knowledge of how women tick, so that when you’re in a relationship, you know what will keep her happy, connected and passionate about you


Looking forward to meeting you!

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. 


 Coaching/Mentoring Program

Once we've had our call, together we decide exactly what you need to up-level your love game. I then tailor-make a package for you, that suits where YOU'RE at.