Get Into An Amazing Relationship With

A Fantastic Woman In Record Time 

You are phenomenal. You deserve love, passion and a soulmate, just as much as the next guy!

But if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve always got…

I can help you TRANSFORM your love life - it's that simple. And ultimately, get the fun, joyful relationship you’ve always wanted.

I show you how to totally succeed at getting that loving,

passionate relationship you’ve always dreamt of,

with the perfect woman for you 

You’re a single, successful man who’s achieved in every other area of your life… but not an amazing, fulfilling relationship:


  • You’ve had a couple of relationships, maybe even been married, but they haven’t worked out like you’d hoped

  • You find you keep on landing up with the same type of woman… even though you try to choose someone different

  • You are attracted to women who turn out to be not compatible or suitable

  • You don’t trust women in general. They are either after your money, or they will land up leaving you / breaking your heart / being unfaithful etc.

  •  You have no problem attracting women, but relationships don’t last

  • Or, women constantly friend-zone you before you even get a chance at romance

  • Relationships start off okay… but soon fizzle into arguments – and the sex goes out the window

  • The life you thought you’d have just didn’t work out – wife, kids and the whole package deal by this age; or heading into easier years with NO WOMAN by your side

  • You’ve tried MANY THINGS to succeed at love and it just hasn’t worked out

  • You get into a relationship, and she immediately starts to try to change you – and you’re tired of it. You just want to be who you are!

  • You feel so ready to step into a mind-blowing relationship with an amazing woman, and live the life of your dreams



I Show You How To Unblock Anything And Everything That Is Stopping You From The Relationship Of Your Dreams With The Woman Of Your Dreams– So That You Can Live The Life You Know You Were Meant To.

Together we will:


- Literally start to change your Force Field– the electromagnetic frequency field that surrounds you and is causing you to ‘get what you’ve always got’.


- Fix the issue of not finding the 'right type' of woman for you, or no women at all! This is super-easy when you combine my secret strategy on CRACKING this process, with working with my recommended Matchmaker (MatchVIP - South Africa)


- Find out exactly how women tick, so that once you've found her, you know what will keep her happy, connected and passionate about you


In coaching for a top international matchmaker for the last 3 years, guys tell me the same things over and over:

They know they have a lot to offer to the right woman. And their heart longs for the type of connection and passion they know is possible. 


They are tired of being the third wheel wherever they go. 

Of seeing their friends go home with their woman on their arm, and going home alone to a cold bed after an evening out.


Or they don’t even go out that much anymore… the couch seems more appealing than trying to strike up conversations with strangers in pubs!


Their ‘local’ knows them so well, their drink is ready as they arrive… but they are tired of the same faces, the same sorry stories with the same bunch of guys.


My clients are single, successful men from all walks of life, from all around the world. 


In my 10-week, VIP Love Life Mentoring Program, you get a CUSTOMIZED BLUEPRINT on how to find and keep that top-class relationship they’ve always wanted.


This is way above and beyond anything you'll find, anywhere. You will discover what has caused your current relationship status, why your life has turned out as it has - and how to change it, so that YOU become the scriptwriter for the amazing future YOU WANT.  


On the program, you are an individual with my personal, individual attention. 

If You Answered ‘Yes’ To Any Of The Above, You Are Totally In The Right Place. 

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This Program Is Perfect For You If You Are Seeking Customized, “Done WITH You” Support In How To Find And Keep The Woman Of Your Dreams — So You Live The Happy And Fulfilled Life You’ve Always Wanted 


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